Episode 6: Through the Challenges…In Business 25 Years & Married for 30 with Kathleen Gage

As an award-winning marketing strategist, speaker, author and consultant, Kathleen Gage has spent 25 years working with solopreneurs, authors, consultants, manufacturers and companies within the plant-based, vegan, and wellness industries. She loves consulting with those who take full responsibility for making the world a better place… no matter how big or small their world is. She lives in a small town of Oregon with her wife of 30 years. They were one of the first legally married couples when gay marriage became legal.

In this episode of The Queer Profits Podcast™, host Diane Conklin chats with her long-time friend Kathleen Gage about her personal story. Kathleen opens up about her journey coming to terms with who she is, and the years she spent avoiding the truth about herself with drugs and alcohol. And she shares what it was that inspired her to make positive changes in her life.


  • How Kathleen was able to be vulnerable and ask for what she needed.
  • How consistency helps create the success you want in your life and business.
  • What inspired Kathleen to start her own business.
  • Why comfortable is the worst place you can be.



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1 comment on “Episode 6: Through the Challenges…In Business 25 Years & Married for 30 with Kathleen Gage

  1. What a delight to be on your show. Thank you Diane. You are breaking down barriers with the message you bring to market. Appreciate all you do.

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