Episode 32: Organic Client Attraction For Your LGBT Business with Jacob Ratliff

Do you have enough clients in your business? More importantly, do you know how to strategically go get new clients when you need them…in a way that doesn’t cost you a ton of money. 

Jacob Ratliff does and he’s going to show you a variety of ways to do just that in this episode of the Queer Profits Podcast™.

If you think this is just the same old, same old, as it relates to growing your client list and attracting your ideal clients you are so wrong. Within the first 7 minutes of listening, you’ll discover a concept about prescriptive selling vs authentic selling and prospecting that will totally blow your mind. Chances are you’ve been making this mistake if you’re marketing on social media…and it’s costing you money every day! Jacob’s tips will change all of that…forever!

Click below to listen 🎧 (below) or watch 📺  (above).



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