Episode 29: Your Human Experience Across All Platforms And Media with Matt Skallerud

In this episode of the Queer Profits™ Podcast, Diane and Matt Skallerud have an in-depth conversation about social media with a unique yet practical perspective and tips on how to successfully make your mark in the digital world. 

Matt discusses how marketing to the LGBTQ+ community has evolved over the time he’s been in the industry. And he talks about how marketing, in general, has become more specialized and niched and how influencers have influenced social media strategies. Listen to learn how to get more followers, be human, collaborate, and truly engage on social. 

Discover tips on how to speak with people instead of at them. And learn so much more about user-generated content, how niche marketing has allowed for more acceptance of diversity, and so many more interesting things about the digital world. 

Matt Skallerud has been in the LGBTQ+ digital space for over 26 years now, first with GayWired.com and SheWired.com, and now with Pink Media and the #ILoveGay network, helping companies reach their targeted LGBTQ+ demographic.

Check out this episode if you have something to say, and want to be heard on social media. 

Click below to listen 🎧 (below) or watch 📺  (above) and take this incredible deep dive into the world of social media marketing. 



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