Episode 28: Health & Fitness For Your Life…It’s More Than Physical with Sammie Baker

In this episode of the Queer Profits™ Podcast, Diane and Sammie Baker discuss health and fitness for your life… and they talk about way more than just the physical aspect of health and wellness. 

Discover tips on how you can easily incorporate health and wellness into your everyday life without spending hours at the gym or following some crazy or strict diet plan.

Sammie, and her wife Chrissy, co-own Strength Rewired, an online wellness community for women. They help women create balance in their lives by introducing different types of movement and exercise and shaking up their nutrition routines. 

Sammie shares how they dealt with the pandemic. As you can imagine, a fitness facility where people come live, in-person to a studio was adversely affected when things shut down. Listen and see how they shifted their business from fully offline and in-person to being fully online…and even more successful. The tips Sammy shares are applicable to any business! 

Check out this episode if you’re looking for new ways to embrace health and fitness in your life. 

Click below to listen 🎧 (below) or watch 📺  (above) and watch your health and wellness soar. 



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