Episode 26: A Unique & Different Perspective with Chris Lugo

In this episode of the Queer Profits™ Podcast, Chris Lugo shares his unique perspective on how Queer Business Owners can challenge themselves to actively support inclusion in our community as well as in the world in general, while advocating for each other. 

Chris Lugo is first Executive Director of the OUT Georgia Business Alliance (formerly the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), proudly serving as Georgia’s only LGBTQ+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in his community.  Chris is a proud alumnus of the University of Florida and is married to his long-time partner and husband Tommy Allen. They live in Atlanta, Georgia., with their dog Varik.

If you’re looking for ways to take action and to support inclusion, you don’t want to miss all the tips and tidbits Chris shares in this episode. As a matter of fact, you might want to listen to this one more than once.

Chris shares practical strategies he’s used (that work) that encourage inclusion of underrepresented communities. His methods are unique and different and they flat out work!

Click to listen 🎧 (below) or watch 📺  (above) and discover how you can do your part in a more inclusive world….as part of your everyday life. 

Easy to implement…simple strategies is what Chris shares! 



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