Episode 24: What It Takes To Have A Successful Business with Cheryl Luther

Sometimes the best lessons in life are the hardest ones.

Listen to this episode of the Queer Profits™ Podcast, as Dr. Cheryl A Luther intimately shares how she learned some hard lessons in the early days of her career. And how she’s found success as an entrepreneur, in both the corporate world, and as a consultant. She shares some amazing and useful insights into how you can use the same strategies she’s gained from her experiences to have success in your business. 

Dr. Luther has a unique way of weaving her passion for starting small businesses with principled corporate strategies, delivered in bite-sized sprints. She does this through the insightful lense of her 20-year career in business and healthcare. 

Cheryl is an author, keynote speaker and business strategist, with a career that spans from sole practitioner to global corporate leader in public health. 

She’s a quirky, but passionate introvert, and this interview will help you discover the foundational and leadership strategies you need to THRIVE, no matter how the marketplace changes.

If you own your own business you’ll want to carve out some time to get the valuable insights Cheryl shares that will help you build your business. 



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