Episode 22: How Outdoor Adventures Can Change Your Business & Your Life with Danielle Wolter Nolan

Have you heard the phrase “step outside your comfort zone”? What does that really mean? 

And what impact can this have on your life…and your business?

On this episode of the Queer Profits Podcast™, Danielle Wolter Nolan shares how outdoor adventures and experiences can do just that…and more!

Need more confidence? Looking to expand your life?  You’ll be surprised how doing things in your life can affect your business too…

And, it doesn’t have to be high flying, risk-taking stuff either. 

Discover how as Danielle Wolter Nolan takes you inside her company, DNK Presents. See how she and her wife Kate get people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time, and gain confidence through experiential learning and adventures. 

Danielle is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, Wilderness Guide, Reiki Master, and Thai Massage Therapist.


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