Episode 21: Your Everyday Gay with Lisa Koenecke

On today’s episode of the Queer Profits Podcast, Lisa Koenecke takes us in-depth about how we, as a community, can encourage inclusion…both inside and outside the queer community. Want to know the difference between open curiosity and judgment? Make sure to listen and see how Lisa talks about it – you’ll find some amazing insights. 

So many of us have a hard time finding ourselves and being comfortable being fully who we are. Lisa has a few tips on how that can be easier.

Lisa Koenecke is a certified diversity practitioner and adjunct professor. She was a camp director for 20 years with the YMCA and Girl Scouts, and a school counselor for 12 years.

If you are looking for practical ways to promote inclusion, you’ll find Lisa and this episode inspiring. And, it certainly includes Queer Profits 3 pillars – Inclusion, Community and Growth!



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