Episode 20: Your Spirituality Doesn’t Have To Be What You Grew Up With In Church with Marcia Ledford

Let’s talk about faith and being queer.  A lot of people tend to have an “aversion” to faith due to past experiences. So where does the LGBT community fit into “the church” today?

On today’s episode of the Queer Profits Podcast, Marcia Ledford shares a different perspective of faith and the separation of church and state. And we explore the importance of progressive Christians, including us LGBT folk, advocating for greater social justice in the public square from a faith perspective. 

The Rev. Dr. Marcia Ledford, Esquire is a practical theologian and Episcopal priest and has been a civil rights attorney for over 30 years. She has joined her two loves, the Gospel and the Constitution, to teach about the ways progressive Christians and charities can exercise their First Amendment guarantees by advocating for more compassionate, just solutions to our social crises.

Regardless of your experience with faith or religion in the past, you’ll find this episode fascinating. 



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